mercredi 3 octobre 2012

Mobile Suit RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.2.0 Bandai MG Part 01

Harold who work as a Flying Crew for Air France is since a few months on the Asia Area Flights so it means he got the opportunity to go to Japan more ofently than I do , so 2 weeks ago he brought me from Tokyo that Plastic Model from bandai which was released in august 2008 .
Today I decided to get a chill day and start to build the Gundam Model and add some small Conversions on it , mostly are to get a much more Old-School Looking to the Mecha .
I also get some Custom Hands for it , they are not exactly for this Gundam Unit so I also would have to get small modifications for exact fiting !!!
I don't know when all the piece will be done but I'm expecting something like 50 to 100 hours of hard working on it .
The Master Grade Serie are very detail so it takes very long time to just build it , hopefully Plastic Model are easier to paint than Resin Cast Kit . 

The Japanese Launching Commercial From Bandai.

Custom Hands .
The Master Grade Hands are always their weakest point , so I definitly need those !!!
They also are produce by Bandai but under the B.Club Label which are their very limited products for hardcore maniacs

All those 23 tiny parts are for one foot

Finally , I decided to turn the 3 waist parts into 1 to get much closer design from the original Anime Version from 1979 .
But this decision could not be made without sacrifice : the Gundam legs did lost some mobility but won't be of any problem for the final position of my Conversion Plastic Kit

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